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May 2, 2017

Michelle Miles: What's your inspiration?

I don't really have a lot to blog about lately. I'm kind of in a funk. My day job is a stressful mess at the moment and when I have that sort of disruption, it really messes with my writing chi.

So I look for inspiration elsewhere. I'm fond of gardens. I have a Pinterest board devoted to them. I constantly find fun and new pictures to pin. I found this one this morning:

It fuels my imagination. And then of course, there's the art by Anne Stokes. She's amazing!

I just love her dragons.

My awesome husband is in the process of building a deck for the gazebo I had to have. I have big ideas for it. It includes a curved flagstone pathway leading up to with purple ground cover planted between the stones. I bought lights for around the top. In my wild imagination it looks like this:

I'm not sure if it will turn out like this, but I hope it does. :) Pinterest and I are good friends. Can you tell?

So what fuels your inspiration? What makes you happy and sooths the soul?


Liese said...

So sorry about the funk (been there, done that). Similar to you, I find enjoyment in nature. Every morning I walk my dog (usually before the sun comes up) around a pond behind my house. I find the peace at that time a chance to think and sort out thoughts. (unless my dog sees a rabbit--his bark is quite disruptive)

Looking forward to hearing about your next effort soon!


Michelle Miles said...

Hi Liese! That sounds peaceful. I would love a pond behind my house. I'll settle for the gazebo :)

Unknown said...

So sorry about the funk. I was in my last one for a couple of years. Hope yours doesn't last as long. But it really messes with one's creativity. For me it's oceans. Pictures of rolling surf and palm trees. Vivid sunsets. Yep, I'm also addicted to Pinterest. It also helps me to imagine a simpler life even if it isn't possible at the moment. But my secret weapon is YouTube and pulling up videos of the rolling surf and just listening to the waves and imagining that I'm sitting on a beach. How's that for escapism?

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

I always love your garden pictures. I'm a stitcher and love to work on a project and finish it, then move to the next, and so on. Bringing a project to life is so satisfying. I do love sitting on the front porch in my rocker and watching the world go by.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

The Anne Stokes art is amazing! Thank you! Hugs

Karilyn Bentley said...

So sorry about the funk. I'm there with you. I loved the pix of the gardens. I love gardens! Working with plants relaxes me. Hugs!