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February 15, 2013



For the next four days (Thursday through Sunday) we'll be posting first kisses here on the Plotting Princesses blog. Come back each day, read these wonderful little vignettes and leave a comment.

Why should you leave a comment? Ah, now that's the best present of all. Every person commenting between Valentine's Day and Sunday, 02/17/2013 at midnight EST will be entered in our Sweetheart's contest. The Prize: A brand new NOOK! Yes, you read that right. We'll be giving away a Nook SimpleTouch with GlowLight including a beautiful pink cover, to one lucky person who leaves a comment. That means every single day you have a chance to enter—just by reading the blog post and commenting.

What's sweeter than chocolate at Valentine's Day? A new e-reader so you can read about love, romance, and hope all year long. (Contest is open to U.S. Residents only.)

Wronged (Sylvia McDonald)

Louis placed his hands on her desk, gripping it and leaned in closer to her. "You are a gorgeous woman working in a man’s business. For the last three weeks, I’ve sat across from you and tried my damnedest not to show that I notice how beautiful you are. How your lips beckon me every time you flick your tongue across them. I’ve tried to deny how I feel, but I can’t do it anymore." Her eyes widened and she leaned back away from him.

Louis stepped around the desk, took her chair and whirled her around to face him. He grasped her forearms and roughly pulled her to her feet and toward him until she stood just inches away. Her lips glistened, tempting him not to hesitate, but to do the deed.

"Really, Louis, I’m not falling for this ridiculous attempt to persuade me not to come back," she said, her voice breathy and tremulous.

He smiled. "Good, because this is not an attempt, Marian. This is for real."

He’d only meant to scare her away, but when she called his bluff, he reacted by covering her mouth with his.

Yet the moment he planted his mouth over hers, all thoughts of frightening her disappeared. The sensation of her mouth pressed against his, her breasts crushed against his chest, sent delight spreading through him. Right where he hadn’t anticipated feeling anything for Marian Cuvier.

He sampled her warm, soft lips, suddenly intent on exploring this surprising new sensation. She didn’t resist him as his tongue began a careful exploration of the fullness of her lips. The sweet taste of her mouth left him craving for more than just the taste of her. And as the reason for the kiss vanished from his mind, he was tempted to further his study of her mouth as he savored Marian.

She sighed the sound deep in the back of her throat, just before she pushed him away. She leaned away from him, her eyes wide with dismay as she covered her mouth with her hand.

"Oh," she gasped.

Then before Louis could recover from the kiss and gather his wits about him, she jumped up from the desk. She grabbed her reticule.

"I... I must go. Edward ... is waiting," she said, her voice breaking up.

"Marian," he called, still a little stunned by the impact of her kiss.

"I ... Goodbye!" she said, and ran out the door.



Cocky, independent Aaron would never get caught in a position like this. He’d probably tell Edward to go straight to hell.

As she studied him, an idea took form. Would Aaron go along with it? Either way, she wasn’t about to lose this resort without a fight. But marrying Perry Thurman to keep it wasn’t an option.

Trying not to act awkward, Charlotte sauntered up to Aaron and slipped her arm around his waist. She stared him straight in the eyes and smiled.

“Aaron isn’t an employee, Edward.” Please let him follow her lead. She turned her head to watch the expression on her grandfather’s face. “I’d like you to meet my fiancĂ©, Aaron Brody.”

Edward’s jaw dropped.

She deliberately didn’t introduce Perry as she beamed at her speechless grandfather. She tried to present the picture of calm confidence, but inside her stomach lurched. What now? Aaron surely thought she was a lunatic.
Edward glanced at her bare ring finger, leveled his pointed glare on Aaron, and demanded, “Is that true? Are you planning to marry my granddaughter?”

Locking gazes with Aaron, she silently pleaded with him to back her up. His eyes matched the murky green of the gulf right before a storm, and just as dangerous. She’d heard rumors of wild nights and wilder women. Hopefully he was crazy enough to take the challenge.

His body was a granite statue beneath her arm. Wiping her sweaty palm on the back of his shirt, she continued to hold his stare.

“Why would Charlie lie about a thing like that?” Aaron asked without looking Edward’s way. He slipped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.
Before she had time to register relief, he bent his head, slid a seductive hand inside the collar of her blouse, and caressed her bare neck. He leaned close, rubbed the tip of his nose against hers, and covered her lips with his.

She felt every thump of her heart, but her lips parted, following his lead. His tongue slowly traced the shape of her mouth. She gazed into sea green eyes and her body temperature rose ten degrees. His mouth was warm and intimate, nibbling and sampling as if her lips were a delectable slice of key lime pie.

As quickly as he’d swept her into his arms, he loosened his hold. A corner of his mouth twitched and a mischievous twinkle lit his eyes. “You left before I woke up this morning. You know I don’t like that.”

STORE WARS (Vicki Batman)

"Sold." As I reached for his outstretched hand, my pant leg caught on something. I felt myself tumbling face-first to meet concrete.

Fletcher caught me before the grand finale. "Whoa, sweetheart. You okay?" Gently, he lifted me to my feet. We stood chest to chest; so close, I could smell lemon, see the golden ring pulsing around his irises. An exchange of synergy zigzagged between us.

As I stared into his eyes, my body barely swayed. All sense of time and place evaporated. My mouth parted. When my eyes closed, I perceived him shifting closer. His grip tightened on my upper arms. When he softly said, "Janie," his breath teased my ear, sending butterfly-like shivers over my body.

The urge to have him hold me, kiss me, love me seized. His mouth found mine. My nose grazed his cheek as I deepened the kiss. His lips dragged and took, sending me out of my mind. He tasted like the Hershey's chocolate kisses Betty from Bath Bubbly had passed around.

When a car honk reached my ear, my Texas sensibility returned. I stepped away, my finger lightly rubbing my lips. Ohmygolly, I just kissed Fletcher Babcock like tomorrow would never come.

His mouth quirked. The same quirk found his eyes. "Nice, sweetheart."

Remember to come back every day through midnight Sunday, read about the first kisses of some amazing characters, and post a comment to be eligible. The more times you come back, the more chances you'll have to be the proud new owner of a NOOK SimpleTouch GlowLight with case.


Sylvia said...

Good morning and oh my these kisses are definitely titillating this early in the morning. Happy Friday and I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. My husband asked me to accept his rose. He's such a goofball. Have a great day!

Phyllis said...

Happy day after Valentine's Day! Oh Sylvia, how romantic of your husband!

Yes, the kisses go on and on and so wow!

Unknown said...

Another set of absolutely FABULOUS kisses! Wow, y'all are good!

Keep them coming!

Penny's Tales said...

Wow ladies.....these also sound unbelievable.

Penny Estelle

Kathleen Baldwin said...

These are so much fun!
I will tweet this again so more people can come share in the fun

Eva's Flowers said...

You all know how to keep us begging for more, those are wonderful first kisses!


Taylor Bara said...

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