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February 12, 2013

Warrior Lover - #FREE on Amazon on 2/13! by Karilyn Bentley

Yes, you read the title correctly! My latest release, Warrior Lover (the sequel to Magical Lover), is free at Amazon for 5 days starting Wednesday, 2/13.  My publisher is trying something new to boost sales on all their books. I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit nervous, but mainly really excited. It’s free! What do you have to lose to try it out? Go on, you know you want to download it to your Kindle. Really. You do. How’s that for a not-so-subliminal message? :)

To celebrate the FREE cost, my blog today is a blurb and an excerpt from Warrior Lover. I hope you enjoy!

As a Watcher, a guardian warrior of the Draconi, Enar has never fit in with his kind. When he sees Lily--the ideal Watcher's woman--he instantly claims her, believing she will bring him the acceptance he craves. Falling in love with her was not part of his plan.

As her town's outcast, Lily wants nothing more than to escape. When Enar locks a necklace around her throat and declares she belongs to him, she jumps at the chance to leave. Her excitement soon becomes trepidation when Enar won't tell her what to expect in his world. But even her worry can't overcome her growing attraction to him.

Soon Lily learns what life as a Watcher's claim entails, and refuses to submit. To keep Lily, Enar must turn his back on everything he thought he wanted. Will he choose his people? Or the other half of his soul?

     So why did he want his own woman so badly?
     He looked past Keara to the door of her shop and his brain forgot the question.
     The exquisite woman he saw earlier in the square, the one whose gaze had locked on his, the one he had been thinking about just moments ago, stood frozen in place, eyes wide with fright or wonder. Mine, whispered through his head.
     The brown tunic, black pants and black cloak she wore made her pale skin glow, highlighting the white hair that streamed down her back. Piercing blue eyes, the same color as his, gazed back at him from an elfin face. Besides those blue eyes, the only color in her face was in her lips. Lush red lips, parted slightly, as if she didn’t know whether to scream or not.
     He had known many women, lusted after more than that, and yet none of them made him feel the way this one did. What was different about her? Her coloring? That had to be it. All Watchers wanted a woman with pale skin, their ideal beauty, although none of them had gotten so lucky. None but him.
     His woman. His for the taking.
     Thoren’s words snapped Enar back to the present. No surprise his friend had just agreed to Keara’s request to take Jamie with them.
     "Is that one part of your bride price, too?" Enar pointed to the pale-skinned woman.
     Asking was the polite thing to do. Not that the answer mattered, the woman was his, but if she was included in this ridiculous bride price, it might make things easier on all involved.
     He had it on good authority that claiming a woman had a tendency to frighten her.
     "What?" Keara glared at Enar, who paid her no heed as he remained staring at his soon-to-be woman. "No, she’s my friend, Lily."
     "I see." Goddess’s teeth. That made it harder.
     And Thoren’s glare wasn’t helping any, either.
     "What in the Goddess’s name do you think you’re doing?" Thoren threw his hand out, smacking Enar’s chest. "We’re on a mission, fool. You can’t lay claim to her."
     "She’s mine. I claim her. You don’t have the right to tell me who I can and cannot claim. And she’s mine. Look at her. Exquisite."
     Thoren’s eyes narrowed, one finger pointing at Enar’s chest. "What are you going to do with her? We still have to find the Halfling boy and we already have a female and a boy. This is becoming a traveling circus, not a reconnaissance mission. We. Do. Not. Need. Another female!"
      "Forget you. She’s mine." Enar turned his attention to Lily, who still stood hand on the door, only now Keara stood beside her. "Woman of the exquisite coloring." 
     Both females jumped, what little color present in his woman’s face bleeding out. He strode across the yard until he stood in front of them. Grabbing Lily’s arm, he pulled the claiming necklace from a pouch hanging off his belt.
     "Lily of the exquisite coloring, I claim you for my woman." With a quick flick of his wrist, the strand of beads fell around her neck, the ends snapping closed.
      Magic streamed through the beads, holding the necklace in place until his death, which he had no plans of meeting anytime soon. The magic also kept the woman from running off like she often wanted to do after being claimed by a Watcher. Once he returned Lily to his village, she would remain there, since the magic in the necklace kept her from walking past the village gates. He didn’t know how far she could wander from him before then so he needed to keep her close. 
     Gathering her stiff and wide-eyed body into his arms, he gazed into her eyes and felt something shift inside him. 
      He couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face.

Get Warrior Lover FREE here on Wednesday, 2/13. And have a happy Valentine's Day!


Sylvia said...

Hi Karilyn,
How exciting that your book is going to be free. I hope it gets you a lot of sales. I'll spread the word.


Sylvia said...

Hi Karilyn,
How exciting that your book is going to be free. I hope it gets you a lot of sales. I'll spread the word.


Karilyn Bentley said...

Thank you Sylvia!! I'm excited about it too. :)

Kathy Ivan said...

Karilyn, it's a wonderful book. I've loved both books in this series and hopefully there will be many more. Obviously I don't need my free copy, since i bought it as soon as it came out. LOL

Everybody, if you haven't tried Karilyn's books, she's AWESOME!!!

Tomorrow, grab your FREE copy. You won't regret it.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Thank you Kathy!! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed both of the books! It's always a good feeling when a fellow author loves your work. :) I can say the same back to you!

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