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April 4, 2013



I've had a lot on my mind lately that hasn't been writing related. The real world seems to be flexing its muscles and put me in a headlock and it hasn't been fun. Between job stress, deadlines, health scares with dear friends and associated other things, taking a little time for myself ends up at the bottom of the list.

It shouldn't. Not for any of us. Life's stressful enough—we can use a little escapism from reality. It's healthy for our psyche and our spirits. A fresh new book does that for me.

I can immerse myself in the life and times of people I don't know, places I've never been, or even a galaxy far, far away. Starting a new book is grand adventure for my mind. I get to know each character, care about their goals. I root for the good guys to overcome every obstacle the villain throws their way, urging them to pick themselves up and persevere.

I want the heroine to evolve and grow on her journey through the story. Same goes for the hero. If it's a mystery or suspense, let me follow all the clues as well as the red herrings thrown in the path of the lead characters. Let me see, feel, and taste the nightlife of the seedy bar the private investigator finds the femme fatale in. With urban fantasy—show me the underground city that's the playground for demons and vampires or the shapeshifter leading his pack.

Most importantly, let me feel what the people in the story feel. The curiosity, the wonder, the heartbreak and sorrow, but mostly let me share in the love. Let me have the resolution to the journey I've taken with my new friends be one of hope, understanding and happiness.

Real life often leaves us feeling drained, emotionally and physically. While I may not be able to hop on a plane or stroll onto that departing cruise ship, I can escape for a few hours in the pages of a book.

Do you use books as your coping mechanism, even for just a few hours? Are you reading anything now that's pulled you into the story and helped you escape between it's pages? Share with me, I'm always looking for the next leg on my journey of imagination.

Kathy Ivan writes romantic suspense and paranormal romance and is currently working on two books, one in each genre. Her latest paranormal romance, Second Chances, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other e-retailers.


Alisha said...

I love escaping into a good book, Kathy! I'm reading a great series set in the roaring 20's. A wonderful escape after a long, stressful day! Great blog post!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Kathy! I love getting into a book and just reading and reading and have a Coke and read and have Cheetoes....

I've got a mystery and a scottish paranormal going. Hands full!

Kathy Ivan said...

Hi Alisha. The roaring 20's, that sounds like a fascinating read! We all need that escape and reading transports me to a different time and place and the real world call fall away -- even if its just for an hour or two.

Kathy Ivan said...

Vicki. Funny, I rarely snack when I'm reading. I get too engrossed into the story and forget all about anything but the world or the time where I've been transported.

Currently reading an urban fantasy, a cowboy western and a paranormal romance. Can you tell I have eclectic readig tastets? LOL

Sylvia said...

Hi Kathy,
I love sitting down and escaping into a book. Unfortunately, I haven't had time lately. But I have been listening to books in the car and at work. Sometimes it helps with the stress. I'm in hte middle of NYT best-selling author and frankly I'm about to put it down. Real snooze fest. But Rachel Gibson has a new book coming out and so does Julie James, so I am looking forward to reading those very soon.

Pamela Stone said...

Great post. I have always escaped into books. Might have something to do with being an only child.

Like you, life has been demanding lately and I haven't gotten to spend the time writing that I would like. My motto is, "Writing, cheaper than a therapist."