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August 5, 2014

School Supplies -- Office Supplies -- My Addiction

Yes, August is upon us and soon it will be back to school time. Time to start thinking about new clothes, new shoes and school supplies. Getting my new school supplies was always the highlight of getting ready to go back to school.
Even now I seem to have this fetish thing with office supply stores. You walk in and automatically I start getting excited and thinking what do I need. There’s a smell that just says spend money now. Automatically, I grab a basket and start to fill it up and this stuff ain’t cheap.
On my desk at home, you will see an electric pencil sharpener. An electric stapler – love it. A cute little posted note purse, a timer and a beautiful paperweight given to me by an old friend.
Inside the desk drawers are organized with my trays and I have one whole drawer of posted notes. Yes, that’s right. Love the posted notes. A writers must have.
In our office, my ever handy dandy superman husband built us shelves in our closet. At each end, there are racks and also additional shelves above the main shelf where I store books. But the shelves on each end are filled with office supplies. Yes, we are well stocked with file folders, tape, pens, pencils, highlighters (hundreds), paper, labels…you name our office is well stocked. If there is an apocalypse I can write on for a long time.
You would think my office would be lovely and so organized. Not! It was until about two years ago when suddenly I started loading up on swag. There’s no place to store the postcards, the bags, the lipsticks, banner, etc. Plus I keep swag that I’ve received from other authors to mail out and also to see what other people are doing.

After I finish the four books I’m writing this year, I’ve promised myself that this office will be de-cluttered. That will last for about as long as it takes me to get back to my favorite office supply store. Then I will take a deep breath, smell the goodies and just know that there is something in that store that I can’t live without.
What about you? Do you love office supply stores? Did you love back to school goodies?

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Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

I love supplies, Sylvia. My favorite is a mug filled with yellow papermate sharpwriter #2 mechanical pencils. I can't live without them or post-its. Great post, girl.

Melissa Keir said...

I'm a teacher... enough said! :)

I do hear you about the swag. I have a box that I'm storing my swag in and another box for goodies from other people. It does help.

Kimberly Dawn said...

I always love getting school supplies. There is nothing like a fresh notebook or folder! My can't-stay-away-from-buying item is highlighters! Love them! I use them a lot in my crafts.

Phyllis said...

Me too! I LOVE when I see school supplies start coming out. I have a strong compulsion to buy composition notebooks and binders and pens!

Larkin Hunter said...

My family would have an intervention for me if they could. Of course, with three homeschooled kids as well as a writer in the house, it's hard to tell our residence from some weird combination of Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, and Barnes & Noble.

Yeah. Love the smell of a fresh stack of notebook paper.

Sylvia said...

Hi Vicki,
I love supplies too!! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I love highlighters. I have a tub full of them. I'll miss seeing you on Saturday, but I'll be home for a little while on Sunday.

Sylvia said...

Hi Melissa,
A know about school supplies. I need to buy some boxes for my swag. That's a great idea. We should do a class on Swag for RWA.

Sylvia said...

Hi Kim,
Love highlighters!! I have a small tub of them. Enjoy your vacation and thanks for coming to the blogs today.

Sylvia said...

I knew we were a like. I love school supplies as well. I hate clutter, but my office is a mess right now. As soon as I get some time that is going to end.

Sylvia said...

My husband would have an intervention if he could. For all the stores that you listed. But I tease him about being Amazon's best customer. Thanks for coming by and commenting today. Here's to school supplies!!

Lani said...

Love me my supplies as well! Now, as technology evolves, i am falling for apps too! I have apps for organizing my lists, and for notes--that one is super slick, and so much more! No matter how much I love my new apps, I will probably love beautiful crafted pens and paper more.

chris keniston said...

oh heavens - you are way more organized than I'll ever be. My little office is more of a 'drop it here' zone - LOL.

and woo hoo ono the four books!

Now where did I put that notebook....

Angela Adams said...

I don't have any thoughts about office supplies...but, my office is on the "messy" side; yet, I know exactly where everything is.

Frank George said...

I agree with you. Hoarding office supplies can be real tempting, especially if they're really cute! And I can tell highlighters and Sharpies are on top of your top list! Haha! Writing and organizing is a lot more fun when you've got lots of colors to choose from, right?

Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies