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September 29, 2016

Tales from the Crate - The Kraken gets a puppy! by Karilyn Bentley #crazydog #puppies #amwriting

I'm happy to announce the arrival of the newest addition to our family: The New Puppy!

Our new puppy!

Isn't he adorable? We thought The Kraken needed a playmate since we moved and she no longer goes to doggie daycare or agility. And what did she think of our gift to her?

She was rather ambivalent the first day. She did not appreciate us touching the puppy or the puppy trying to touch her. Nope, not at all. 

But the second day she decided to play nice. More like play fight. Then all was right with the world as long as Puppy avoided touching her when she wanted to sleep. 

Now they play A LOT!
It's so much fun to watch. Our other dogs (who are currently waiting at the Rainbow Bridge) never played  together so it's a blast to watch these two roll over the floor growling and nipping and somehow managing not to hurt each other at all. 

Resting after play

The best thing is that we now work from home, so making sure Puppy is fed three times a day and let out to the potty is a breeze. The second time is (so far) much easier than the first. Poor Kraken. When we first got her, we were told she was seven months old and she'd been spayed two weeks prior to us adopting her. About a  month later we discovered (when her teeth started falling out) that she was really three months old when we adopted her. We worked outside of the home and she spent too much time alone, which led to a great deal of hyperactivity when we arrived home worn out from work. This time, we are home! Maybe I will be one of those people who will say puppies are really fun. Check back in several months and find out. :)

Until then, my latest urban fantasy, Demon Kissed, is for sale on Amazon, in case you haven't had a chance to read it (see how I snuck in a plug for my book? Pretty clever, eh? ha!).

Happy Reading! (or playing with puppies!)


Kimberly Dawn said...

Adorable! Have fun!!

Kathy Ivan said...

Such a cutie! But you didn't tell everybody what the puppy's name is (or did I miss it?) The insurance company/construction crew finally got our new fence up so I'm anxious to start looking for a new dog. So happy things are working out well for you, though we miss you a lot. Have fun playing with your two babies!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Thank you Kimberly!!

Hi Kathy! I tend to call them by their nicknames on the blog. :) We haven't come up with the nickname yet. Maybe Monster? ha! What kind of dog are you wanting? Excitement!!

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