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October 7, 2014

Do You Love Bad Boys?

As a writer and a reader one of my favorite types of plot is changing a bad boy into a guy that falls in love. I like to take a strong heroine who sort of knocks the bad boy on his knees. When I say bad boy, I don’t mean someone who is abusive or criminal, but rather a guy who you know deep down is really a good guy, but he’s just got some tendencies that need to be tamed.

In my new novel, The Relationship Coach, just released last Friday...I hope I’ve done that. I love Reed Hunter, but as far as my hero's go, he’s out there. He uses women for his own purposes and never intends to get married. So when he and his boss get dumped after their girlfriends attend my Relationship Coach’s Twelve Steps of Dating Seminar, Reed is out for blood. Her blood. As a documentary filmmaker he has the tools to either promote or destroy her business.
Come along for the fun ride where my bad boy gets knocked to his knees and Lacey Morgan learns the value of passion in The Relationship Coach. 

Here’s an excerpt:

A beautiful, professionally attired, longhaired blonde, wearing a short skirt that exposed boundless legs, owned the stage. Despite the fact she was going down, two things impressed him. Her Miss America smile and her mystifying ability to screw with people’s relationships-first his boss’s and now his.
She strode to the edge of the stage. “Today, we’ve learned to recognize your expectations in a mate. You’ve learned you need to find someone who matches your lifestyle. Someone who challenges and makes you think about life differently. Someone who likes to do the same things you do, but encourages you to try new experiences.”
Reed coughed to stifle the sound of laughter rumbling deep within his chest. People bought into this psychobabble crap?
Lacey Morgan, dating guru, had convinced his girlfriend, Blair, to end their convenient sexual relationship. Since he wasn’t promising her a ring, a honeymoon or his last name, she’d decided to move on. And she had. Packed up, moved out, and left with a so-long-sucker text message.
 “I know many of you were dragged here by a friend, coworker, or the significant other in your life. However you got here, I hope you learned something today that will help make your relationships stronger.”
            Waving to the crowd, she strode from the stage. The audience stood and cheered, paying homage as if she were a rock star, not a therapist.
            Blair’s leaving had brought Ms. Morgan to his attention. And he enjoyed nothing more than exposing shysters like Ms. Morgan who earned their often opulent lifestyles by feeding off people’s emotions. After he exposed Ms. Morgan’s devious ways, Blair would probably return and thank him.
Shaking his head at the number of gullible people who believed her spiel, Reed stepped into the hallway, leaned against the wall, and stared as the audience streamed out of the door. Most of the women stopped to purchase a book or CD or DVD. He watched her assistants take their money with a mobile card reader. If the cunning cheater had a cash register, the cha-chings would have echoed through the hall.
Yes, she was stealing from the lonely and vulnerable.

 Tell me have you ever experienced a bad boy? Did you marry one?


Kimberly Dawn said...

Great book, Sylvia! Bad boy? Yes, years ago. I would much rather read about them! Lol!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Sylvia! I dated a bad boy and after one date, I let him have it. But I married the great boy and never regretted it.

Sylvia said...

I agree! Don't want to marry one, just date them and read about them.

Sylvia said...

Hi Vicki,
Good for you!! It's always better to marry the ones that are great. The first time out, I didn't get that, but the second time, I was picky. And I got a good one the second time around.

Unknown said...

Loved the excerpt, Sylvia.

Can't wait to read this one!

Cheers, EE