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October 23, 2014

#PlottingPrincesses : a treasured friend, author Kella Carlton & why is the last book she read entitled Foreplay? #MFRWorg #RLFblog

The Plotting Princesses are uber excited to have visiting today Kella Carlton. Kella is sharing some great stuff about her FIRST book, Rocky Mountain Stranger. 

Congratulations, Kella and welcome to the PP!

Let's get a little inside info on Kella: Kella is excited to launch her first book Rocky Mountain Stranger and is currently writing book two in her Mountain Blue Clique Series. Kella enjoys gardening, scrapbooking, and photography. Visit her website to view her most recent pictures. 

Speed Round:

Favorite movie: Titanic 
Favorite Book:  Outsiders 
Last book read:  Foreplay 
Favorite color:  red 
Stilettos or flip-flops: stilettos 
Coffee or tea: coffee 
E-book or paperback: paperback 
Pencil or pen: pen
Favorite song: Grenade

Streak or not: Streak J
Favorite dessert: pastries
Champagne or gin: gin
Paranormal or Historical: historical
Ginger or Mary Ann: Mary Ann
Favorite TV show: Seinfeld
Hot or cold: cold
POV: 3rd
I'd die if I don't have: camera

Blurb from Rocky Mountain Stranger:
A pretty girl from a small, mountain town falls in love with a sexy but arrogant, big city cop.

 Excerpt from Rocky Mountain Stranger: 
         The log cabin sat unusually dark and quiet. A deafening silence whispered through the ponderosa pines, dripped onto the rhododendrons, and seeped over the stone pathway. Jady Royal rubbed the goose bumps prickling along her arms and ascended the cedar steps, where an unsettling chill had her looking over her shoulder and twisting her fingers into knots. She quickly turned the doorknob, eager to bolt inside and seek shelter from the creepiness.


“Totally not-happening.” She retrieved the key from the hideaway built into the back of the birdhouse and opened the heavy wooden door.


Staleness greeted her. Even the dog was gone. “Shadow!” The Labrador retriever ignored her call. She had anticipated his loyalty, tongue dripping, tail wagging. Where was everyone? A sense of abandonment crept up her spine. She thumped her arms to her sides and stared at the memo board.


Poppy always left a message. She rifled through the mail on the hall tree, looking for a note. Finding none, she checked the floor and then sifted through the mail again. Drat. No note.


With a lengthy exhale, she turned toward the living room. Poppy lifelessly stretched across the couch, quiet and still—deep in sleep, but he never took naps. His arm hung awkwardly limp over the cushion. She ran toward him and knelt beside the sofa. With droopy eyes, he stared straight through her.

Find Kella at: Kella Carlton Website Email

Find Rocky Mountain Stranger at:   Amazon


Kella Carlton said...

Hi Princesses, Thanks for having me. Why “Foreplay” you ask? LOL. I recently met author Sophie Jordan, and she gave me a copy of “Foreplay,” book one in The Ivy Chronicles. I enjoyed the read and rated this new adult novel 5 STARS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kella. Welcome to the Princesses. Your books sounds really interesting and I love the cover. Fun answers, except one. Stilletos! Really? People wear those things. I'm confused. How do you keep the heals from burying up in the sand? I'm a flip flop and sand girl myself. Guess you couldn't have guessed that, huh? Just giving you a hard time. Fun interview.

Pamela Stone

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Good morning, Kella, and welcome to the PP blog. I have been meaning to tell you that I named a character Kella. Funny!! And what is it with the book Foreplay? LOLOL

Kella said...

Vicki, too cool. Is your Kella pretty, fun, and smart and loves with all her heart?

Kella said...

Here’s the thing, Pamela, It is a rare event that I find myself in sand while wearing stilettos, but it has happened on one of those impromptu “road trips” to the beach. Advice: ditch the high heels and play! BUT when spiky shoes come into contact with a touch of light sand and grass, tiptoe it through.

Anonymous said...

Kella: I really enjoyed the surprises in your book. When do you plan to publish your next book? Soon I hope!!

Kella said...

Working like crazy on book two right now. I detest deadlines, but how about I toss out a temporary deadline, oxymoron intended. February 2015. If I dream BIG and pray hard, it just might happen.

Kathy Ivan said...

Hi Kella and welcome to the wonderful wacky world of the Plotting Princesses! I love the cover of your book, it's striking. I'm a cover person, the first thing to draw me in is the cover. Grab me with that and I'll keep checking out your blurb, reviews, etc.

Sophie Jordan is great, I'll look forward to reading Foreplay. Thanks again for stopping by. (Hope to see you Saturday at DARA!)

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Kella! Welcome to the PP! Your story sounds great! Best wishes for many sales!

Kella said...

Karilyn,To hopes, wishes, and dreams!

Kella said...

Wacky and FUN!

Anonymous said...

Great interview. Can you tell us anything about book 2? Are you planning any novellas while we wait for book 2?

Anonymous said...

I know Kella personally, and I have to say I haven't actually seen her in stilettos at the beach! :) Fun interview! Love ya!