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October 21, 2014

Michelle Miles: A Fair Weekend

The State Fair of Texas ended this past weekend. Every year I say, “Let’s go!” and every year we end up not going. Except this year we actually made it!

I remembered why we don’t go every year – it’s darn expensive! But you know…having not been in nearly two decades, it was a blast. The husband and I spent a small fortune on coupons, most of which we blew on food. Hey, you can’t go to the fair and NOT eat the food, right?

We arrived early to beat most of the crowd. By early, we were at the gate by 9 am. I’d purchased the tickets ahead of time because Kroger had them with a discount. That saved us a couple of bucks. Immediately inside the gate was the Chevy drive event. Now, I’m a Chevy girl all the way. Hubby is a Ford guy. We still managed to get along. ;) I paused to look at the new Tahoe. Candy apple red with this sleek knew interior, sunroof, drop down screen for the back passengers, third row seat, hidden storage in the back. I was in love.

The girl talked me into doing a test drive. My son was really excited because he could go too. I gotta say, the new Tahoe…very nice, Chevrolet. VERY nice.

I also test drove a Camaro and a Corvette. The Camaro was sleek and quiet but cramped in the back. But the convertible is nice. It had that heads-up display which I thought was really awesome. Never take your eyes off the road to see your speed.

But the Corvette… now that’s the stuff of dreams. I’d have to sell my house or my first born to buy that car but it was super HAWT. The seats were Italian leather and smelled divine. Heads-up display, push start, super cool console. The full-color display screen had a secret compartment behind it. It was so James Bond! I wanted it just for that. There was no door handle inside either – just a button to push to open the door. It was divine. I got a free t-shirt and key chain out the deal and the right to say I drove a Corvette for the rest of my life.

We made it to the auto show after that and saw all the new cars. That’s probably my favorite thing out there. The entire building has new car smell. Man salivated over the Charger and the Ford F250. The kid was just happy to do the racing simulator.

And the food? Where do I begin? Corny dogs, giant soft pretzel, foot long hot dog, ice cream, fried Cuban roll, fried pickles and countless samples in the food building. We were stuffed and sick all at the same time. And it was glorious. Even hours after being home, I’d swear I still smelled corny dogs and turkey legs.

By the time we left at 3 pm, it was PACKED. There were so many people it was hard to walk anywhere. However, it was well worth it. We had a blast.

What’s your favorite Fair food or activity?


Kathy Ivan said...

Ok, I confess -- I've lived in Texas since 1987 -- and I've never bee to the State Fair. LOL

We always say we're going to go but we never make it. Maybe someday . . .

Kathy Ivan said...

Ok, I confess -- I've lived in Texas since 1987 -- and I've never bee to the State Fair. LOL

We always say we're going to go but we never make it. Maybe someday . . .

Anonymous said...

Favorite activities are people watching and FOOD. Like you, we don't go very often. Expensive and lots of walking. Favorite food used to be the Fletchen Corny Dogs. Lately it's funnel cake.

Pam Stone

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Michelle! I love the fair and can probably count on two hands how many times I've missed. I actually have a lot of vintage things commemorating the fair. My favorite foods: Nutty bar, chicken fried bacon, deep fried samosa. All very yummy.

chris keniston said...

I've gone to the state fair every year over the last few - it's been great - but I confess my favorite thing is tasting all the new fried food concoctions.

So far my favorite is last year's fried king ranch casserole. Could even nothing but that!

and I do admit being amazed at the 3000 pound butter sculptures- I always wonder who thought it up in the first place and why? LOL

Phyllis said...

Sounds like fun.