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May 7, 2015

Anticipation is a Good Thing by @sashawrites #Avengers #Thor

I have a confession. I haven't seen the new #Avengers Age of Ultron yet! I know -- it's horrible.
But my brood has promised to take me for Mother's Day outing. I can wait. Really. I can.

Now, I know there have been mixed reviews. A lot of people seem to prefer the first Avengers. A lot of people have posted all sorts of spoiler-y things on FB and Twitter and every other social media outlet - but I'm staying strong. (So please don't post anything here that will burst my anticipation bubble please.)

Because, let's face it, that's part of the fun, right? The whole point of marketing, really -- making us (the little people) giddy waiting and wanting 'it' now. And while I've been surprised at how few #Avenger commercials I've seen, I knew when it was coming out AND that I had to see it.

Why? Because I love Joss Whedon and the characters and the Marvel-verse that's been such a powerhouse in the theaters the last few years. Even when I get a little antsy over the smidge too long action sequences, I'm entertained. And, let's face it, the zippy dialogue rocks too.

But one reason trumps them all. One reason makes me equal parts impatience and flustered schoolgirl with a big fat crush.

I know there are other guys on the team but, for me, THIS guy is the man. Well, the God. I am so devoted to him that Thursday is 'THORS-day' on FB and I get to post all sorts of lovely pics, snippets, and general awesomeness.  ;)
So, without giving any movie spoilers, who do you fan girl over? Iron Man? The Hulk? Captain America?
Come on, share with the group. I'll respect your opinion, but I know my pick is the best. :) #ThorRules


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hilarious, Sasha! Actually, I liked him best in Rush. Lately, I'm off comic book type of movies. I like the archer guy, but that's because the actor is good and I can shoot a bow and arrow too. lolol

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Hi Sasha!
I love that picture. Inspiration for my day. Thank you.
He's a perfect Thor.

Sylvia said...

I'm with Vicki - I'm on Superhero overload. He's nice to look at, but I'd like to see him in a romantic comedy or a drama or somewhere he could show some emotion.

Kathy Ivan said...

Okay, I'm on board. I've already been to see it (went over the weekend) and I'd have no problem going and seeing it again. While it's a little different than the first one, they are both equally well done. I agree the action sequences could be cut a bit shorter, but overall I think you'll love it.

I love Joss Whedon's work too, so it wasn't a big surprise that I liked it. I also liked Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible too. LOL

Sloane B Collins said...

Believe it or not, as I left work tonight I walked by a man in a suit and dark glasses. Could've been Thor incognito. Drool!
Although I'm partial to Ironman Tony.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Cute post Sasha! Great pix of Thor! I'm partial to Loki. The best line ever was in the first Avengers with Hulk smacking Loki around: Puny god! :) I hope you enjoy the movie! I too am looking forward to watching it!!

Phyllis said...

Well, girlfriend, you and I must be attached at the hip for our love of Chris Hemsworth and the MArvel-verse.

I;m with Kathy - they both are different, but good. And the action scenes too long? They are at!

And Sloan, why did you not follow the guy - stalk him - to where he was going so you could stalk him more later? That's what I would have done.

Gee, I feel just like a high school girl keeping an eye on a crush who I know is 'untouchable' ( cause the cheerleader has him).

It's been a long time since I felt that way. Thanks!