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September 22, 2015

A Canine Emergency

The other day hubby and I were getting ready to go to our grandson's soccer game, and I dropped one of my prescription medications on the floor as I was filling my Sunday through Saturday dispenser. A few minutes later, I got off the chair to retrieve it, and my dog Lola was there staring up at me.

And you guessed it. The pill was gone.

You have to know that it almost takes an act of war to get her to swallow her monthly flea/heart worm pill, so I questioned whether she really had gobbled up the darn thing or not.

But it was nowhere to be found.

Being a nurse, I knew my ten pound Maltese/Bichon mix would die unless I acted fast. And I also knew that by the time I could get her to the vet, it would be too late. So when I called, they told me to get hydrogen peroxide into her until she threw up. After seven syringe-fulls and no throw up, I panicked and called them again. They instructed me to keep shoving it down her throat. Three more syringe-fulls later, she finally threw up. Although there was no visible pill, I figured the peroxide had probably dissolved it.

Lola continued to vomit periodically for all that day and the next, but I'm happy to report that she's fine now. Quick action saved her life.

I guess the moral of the story is that you have to be as careful around your pets as you are around small children. I wondered how I could relate this experience to anything else in my life, and I came up with this.

I am a habitual procrastinator. Had I reached down and picked up the pill right when I dropped it, I wouldn't have this story to tell, and my little sweetheart wouldn't have had to go through all that misery.

So I made a vow to myself to work on this problem--to try to get better. Now I'm wondering how many fellow procrastinators I have out there. And if you are one, has it ever caused grief in your life? And if you aren't, any advice to those of us who are?

And just so you know, my newest book released last Monday. MISSION TO KILL is available in digital and print and will release in audio soon.

5 comments: said...

I am much the same way. Why do something right then that I can do in another few minutes or days. My daughter is one instance that comes to my mind in procrastinating a should we or shoe we not, naw we're fine we shouldn't take her to the doctor. She is 22 now and this happened when she was just a skinny short kid, running like a galloping horse more so than for grace and speed. So I would guess she was 7 when this happened. I was sitting on the porch watching her run along the sidewalk with her gangly knees reaching her ears, so I knew she was running as fast ask she could. But I paid more attention to what a cute pink shirt she had on, a particularly proud purchase of mine for school pictures. And she tripped. Down she went and up she jumped. No tears. No whining. Nothing. So off she galloped. I don't even think I looked at her arms, knees, nose to see if she had a boo boo. That night I noticed she stood up to eat and was eating with her left hand that night. Nothing out of place. She is gifted with dexterity to use both, like me we can eat with either hand. Next day, eh, nothing physically noticeable. Let's go play. Day three. Alls well and off we went to some other activity in life. I kept putting off reality. I kept putting off checking for boo boos of my quiet gangly child. What I didn't know at the time, some children within the autism spectrum (not yet diagnosed with since yeah the doctors put off putting a label on the oddities in her life) but these sweet children do not recognize pain. I did not recognize my child being in pain, much like you reaching down for that pill a little sooner, had I taken note and not wanted to go off and do something else at the moment...I would have noticed slight irregularities. But hey want to go to the Disney store. I'm much like a kid with ADD, I change moods, minds and clothes faster the superman in the phone booth. But on day three, fine I had to really take note, stop putting off maybe we should go to the doctor, maybe not....I don't want to feel dumb with a totally normal child, I don't want to sit in a very busy insta care for three hours, hey honey, do want to go get ice cream? Ice cream cures all. Finally I took a real good look, stopped putting off the inconvenience of well we could have it checked I guess, why not. And yes the wait was long, I waited three days, and three hours in the insta care and "threes" came in order that day as the X-rays came back. The doctor looked at me and said rather indignatly, "why did you wait three days, three hours to bring her in for X-rays, ma'am." You know you're in trouble when they call you ma'am. I just relived that moment, that sigh of failure as a mom, but hold that thought I think I see a M & M on the floor. Peanut butter M&M at that, I will be right back.

Liz Lipperman said...

OMG, Pauline! Don't leave me in suspense. What was broken? Her wrist? Her leg? What a story. And you can definitely join my procrastinator's 12 step program!! LOL. thanks for sharing.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Wow, Pauline's story is something else.

When we adopted Champ, who looks like Lola, he began limping. Took him in 3x and when I was traveling, my son took him in. He had a thorn in his pad that had become infected. Even with x-rays and all the vet visits, no one had spotted it. Such a sweet pup and he never complained.

Okay, no procrastinating. I'm off to write!

Kathy Ivan said...

Liz, I am the QUEEN of procrastination, just ask my sister. I will always put off until tomorrow what I should have done today. LOL

It's a very hard habit to break, but I'm trying to get better. Having to set and achieve specific deadlines with my writing is helping, because I had to miss the deadlines and disappoint my readers.

When my baby (Missy) was still with us, she swallowed a couple of pills, usually vitamins that I'd drop while filling the pill cups too.

Of course, our big dog did swallow one of the dice that flew off the table when we were playing Yahtzee. She moved so fast nobody had even gotten out of their chair before she lunged and had it down her throat. Fortunately the vet said she'd be fine, and she was. said...

Oh yeah, back to procrastinating. I've put this off a few days. Yes, I procrastinated taking my daughter to the doctor. Three days. Her wrist was broken in three places. I earned the stern look of the doctor and I felt like the worst mom. She was fine. She got a hot pink cast. It is difficult when children can't verbalize pain. So, yes, procrastination is my middle name. Our minds are so busy these days. Is it procrastination or just too much to do all at the same time?