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September 3, 2015

#MovieReview #ManFromUNCLE

I love going to the movies. From buying my tickets to the smell of fake buttery popcorn and the faint stick of my shoes to the theater floors, I love the entire experience. I go in hoping to get completely wrapped up in the cinematic storybook I'm about to view.
Sometimes this is an epic failure.
But not this time.
I adored The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Everything about it. The zippy dialogue. The setting. The costumes. The music - oh, the music. And the characters. Especially this one:
Yes, Armie Hammer is just about the most beautiful man in existence right now. But his character, Illya Kuryakin--for me--puts him in a new non-cape wearing class of superhero.
Illya is introduced actively, there is no doubt he is the bad guy. He chases our hero (a dashingly handsome and totally rakish Henry Cavill) in a rather Terminator meets Russian spy mash-up that made me more than a little intimidating. But this raw, barely-controlled creature has many layers. And I loved watching those layers come to light. His back-story was intriguing and heart-wrenching, as was the motivation for everything he does. Yes, I fell a little in love with Illya. *sigh*
As the original television series was before my time, I had no point of comparison. And I'm thankful for that. This was a completely new cast of characters and I enjoyed every single one of them.
So, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, buy a ticket, get your popcorn, and sit back and ENJOY the show. You won't be sorry.
Curious? Here's the trailer:


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

I loved this movie and hope they make a second one!!

Sylvia said...

I watched the TV show and wondered how they would pull this off. I love going to the movies as well, but as you know, I'm a romantic comedy kind of girl or even a good drama. I have to say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Trainwreck. Amy Schumer is well...Amy Schumer, but it was good and had a great ending and a wonderful message. Now I can't wait to see the "Intern." It looks good. We haven't been to the movies in a while, but this weekend is going to be spent going to West Texas, so I know there won't be any movie watching this weekend. We may check this out the next weekend. Next time there is a good movie out, maybe we should have PP girls day at the movies.

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Excellent review!

Sasha Summers said...

Me too Vicki! I'll be there - maybe more than once! Sylvia - I love that idea. A movie night. :) Yes please. Thank you Joanne! I really did enjoy the film.

Unknown said...

I'm with you Alisha—I ADORED this movie, and I was completely taken with the Ilya character, especially his interaction with 'the girl' who more than held her own. :)

I've seen it twice now, and just had the best time!