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September 4, 2015

@kellyleefiction #NewRelease Today!

Happy Labor Day Weekend
BATTLE HEAT…. A sexy new release in the Four Realms Series


The heart-pounding story of Holly, the reluctant assassin you loved to hate in MURDERING EVE — and Ares, the God of War who destroyed her whole world.

By Kelly L Lee

Holly Okeanos is alone, held against her will by the immortal that destroyed her people. Desperate for revenge, she vows to fight until her last breath to regain her freedom. 

The beast inside Ares must feed. His family knows darkness lies within him and they equally fear and hate him for it, but he's the first they call when the Olympus throne is threatened. He's struggled to control the bloodlust since the dawn of time, but only carnage sates the monster within.

With an escalating rebellion and a resurrected Scarab to defeat, Ares doesn't have time to deal with his infuriatingly beautiful captive, whose mere presence strangely calms the beast and settles his mind. She detests the very air he breathes, but he finds himself assailed by feelings that haven't surfaced in over a millennia.

Could Holly be the woman to finally quiet the beast within?

Brief Excerpt:
“I’m not going to punish you, though I probably should.”
Relief washed through her, and Holly blurted the obvious question. “Why not? I distracted you and caused your defeat.”
“Don’t flatter yourself, Titaness.” Ares scoffed and kicked the broken end of the spear at his foot. “Your girly little scream was a mild annoyance, not a distraction so monumental I would allow myself to get killed over it.”
Holly bristled at the word girly. She was many things, but girly was not one of them. Given half a chance, she’d make him eat the word, along with a mouthful of putrid arena sand.
Ares arched a brow at her, wiped the dagger’s blade on his leathers, and shoved it into a hidden boot  sheath as he spoke again. “However, I don’t advise barging into my sparring session again, lest you find yourself dragged into my pit. Though I admit, I have half a mind to do that now, considering you want to feed me sand.”
Try me, you smug shithead.
The instant the thought snapped into her brain, she wanted to kick her own ass. He spent the last several minutes reading her mind. Did she honestly think he would let the insult go?
Ares flipped his gaze up to meet hers, anger burning brightly within the depth of his molten chocolate irises. His lip twitched with a hint of satisfaction.
“Come down here and say that.”

Exiled to magic-barren Earth Realm, Whit Blackstone has resigned himself to never seeing his family or clan again. But when a mysterious woman appears, wielding as much power as the goddess who banished him, primal desire and his desperation to return home collide.
Immortal… After twenty-nine years of believing herself human, Eve Moore can’t wrap her brain around the word. But even immortals can’t always cheat death, especially if a bloodthirsty God of War threatens your soul. Betrayed and hunted by a relentless assassin, newly immortal Eve Moore has no choice but to trust the heart-stopping stranger she’s been tasked to find and return to Olympus.
As their chemistry ignites, Eve discovers the depth of her emerging powers, and the inescapable connection she and Whit share.  When the time comes, will Eve hand him over and walk away? Or will the long buried secrets of her past doom both their lives, and their very souls?
Read the award-winning first book in the Four Realms series Murdering Eve

Iron Defiance - Release date coming soon!
Book 3 in the Four Realms series 

Amelee, a princess of the Seelie Court, is engaged to one man out of duty, but desperately loves another. She’s accepted her fate, willing to deny the deepest longings of her heart in service to her queen.

Arganos has secretly loved Amelee since the beginning of time, but she is Fey royalty and he is a hardened warrior, reviled by her kind for the sins committed by the God of War he serves. Though Arganos is prepared to sacrifice his own happiness to ensure Amelee’s, he refuses to intervene even though he knows her fiancé isn’t what he seems.

But when tragedy strikes, Amelee turns to Arganos, the forbidden war captain, instead of her fiancé for help. Fueled by Faery Court politics and a treacherous Queen’s rule, will the secrets they discover drive Amelee and Arganos apart forever, or will they defy everything for love?

 Find Kelly Lee at:

 Twitter: @kellyleefiction


Kathy Ivan said...

Congrats on the new release, Kelly. Wishing you many, many sales and fabulous reviews.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Wow, Kelly! You are so awesome and I love the title of this book! Hugs!!